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Master studies

Chemical and Energy Engineering


A varied experience in execution of experiments and handling of engineering software


The kick of meeting for the laboratory work will take place in the second week of the first semester. In this meeting, a general health and safety instructions are given. Only those who have participated in this meeting are allowed to participate in the laboratory. The participation must be documented with the signature. The laboratory is conducted in groups. Each group consists of 4 students. The groups are formed in a list.Only for the software topic ANSYS the group has 18 students. The minute of experiments hat to be submitted two weeks after the execution in the next semester. In case of delayed submission the laboratory test must be repeated.

• Fine particle separation

• Particle size measurement

• ANSYS 1 - Basic

• ANSYS 2 - Basic

• ANSYS 3 - Basic

• Comminution

• Modeling of the time of residence

• Estimation of kinetic rate constants

• Thermography

• Safety relevant units

• Measurement of heat transfer coefficients by infrared thermography

• Fluid dynamics measurement

• ANSYS 4 - Advanced Stage

• ANSYS 5 - Advanced Stage

• ANSYS 6 - Advanced Stage

• two Excursions


Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Specht

M.Sc. Gaurav Kulkarni





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