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Simulation of processes in shaft kilns

Using the example of the lime kilns flow, temperature and concentration fields are simulated in reactive packings.  The CFD program system FLUENT is used to calculate the flame spread in the bed of the radial and axial injection of various fuels . It examines the following: the influence of the length / diameter ratio of the furnace , the injection speed, the gap degree , the air preheater is warming and the volume flow ratio among others.

Simulation Verbrennung

Simulation of the combustion in the bed with the axial fuel lance and side burners


The course of temperatures and concentrations will be calculated.The coupled reactions of coke and limestone decomposition be considered. This experiment investigates the particle size of the particle size distribution , the nature of the limestone , the type of fuel and the air ratio to the energy consumption and the lime quality.

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Pilot test shaft furnace

Test shaft furnace consists of a replica of a volume segment and of an industrial shaft furnace with dimensions height 2000 x depth 1500 x 500 mm width. This volume segment is structurally divided into 3 height sections, to make a partially filling and the installation of sheathed thermocouples in bulkBelow these shaft segments a combustion chamber is arrange, where the natural gas will be combusted. The flue gases are discharged upwards and thereby flow through the bulk material. At the front of each shaft segment a closable circular opening is mounted, which can be used for a burner connection or a horizontal injection of gases.

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Selected publications of the research area

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Schacht mit Grobkorn
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