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Combustion Engineering

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Chemical and Energy Engineering, Umwelt- und Energieverfahrenstechnik, Wirtschaftsingenieur für Verfahrens- und Energietechnik, Verfahrenstechnik

Objectives and Competence

The students are able to conduct energy and mass balances for firings using all stoichiometric conditions. They are able to calculate the fuel consumption and the flue gas composition for a given heat requirement. They can calculate approximately criteria for stable ignitions, minimum ignition energy, flash back and blow off of flames. They know the conditions for explosions and detonations. Therewith they can design firings and can assess firings for energy efficiency, reduction of emissions and increase of safety.



Lectures with tutorials, excursions and experiments

Requirement for participation

Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Physical Chemistry

Work load


Written exam 120 min, 5 CP


Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Specht


handsout and own written papers can be downloaded

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